For King & Parliament Campaign October 1642

Now that my campaign rules are written down I move on to the first battle. No events were rolled for the first turn and the battle had balanced forces a bit above 100 points.

As I don’t own ECW miniatures (yet) the battles will be played on a small board with 4x2cm painted bases.

The Battle

Parliamentarian General Ainsworth led his men to besiege Oxford shortly after war broke out. The King sent General Sir Gobshire to intercept. He marched effectively and managed to forced battle on the Parliamentarians long before Oxford could be reached.

Parliamentarians in red, Royalists in blue. Blue dice for ammo, green dice for dash counters and later on red dice for disorder.

The Parliamentarians deployed their horse on the left flank and two siege artillery in the center. Their stratagem let them withhold deployment of a pike and shot battalia from deployment. The unit can be order in via the baseline on the right sector.

The Royalists put their horse opposite of the enemy horse but ordered one horse around the flank. The unit was slated to arrive on the Parliamentarians right flank later on.

General Inning pushes his Dutch-style horse forward straight through a Royalist horse unit which immediately breaks. Meanwhile Forlorn Hope secure the forest.
Sirs Waynes and Mortimer move the foot forward and take casualties form the enemy artillery.
Ainsworth, general in command of the Parliamentarians, orders his pike and shot to defend the village.
After the first few turns two Royalist units broke and the Parliamentarians established a good defensive position.
Bates’ and Bailey’s horse carve in the Royalist right flank.
Weller, Barry and Archer suffer heavy casualties during their attack.
But with the help of Easton’s flanking horse the Royalists slowly fight into the village.
Too late though, Generals Inning and Bradley crush the Royalists between them and gather the last victory medals
End of the battle. Parliamentarians lost 2 units on their right flank. Royalists lost a devastating 7 units. A major victory for the troops of the Parliament.


Although Sir Gobshire suffered a costly defeat but the strategic goal was achieved. With the siege of Oxford of relieved and Warwickshire under control an early disaster was avoided.

Parliamentarians secure their flanks around London but fail with their siege of Oxfordshire. The Royalists secure Warwickshire to keep the route to Oxford open. Cheshire and Gwent are also claimed.

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