5 Cent A Call To Arms Starfleet

After a long hiatus on the blog I finally have a post for you again. After I painted up some Cent coins to display hex grid points I got the idea to paint larger 5 Cent coins for some starship battles on a smaller figure scale to fit my small table.

After I produced three TOS-era Federation and Klingon ships I was quite happy with the result and decided to send them to their maiden voyage. A Call To Arms Starfleet came up as a rule system, as I never really tried it in comparison to Star Navy or different Starmada versions which I have already played quite a lot.

I dusted off my space mat and went for the classical match up of Constitutions against D7’s on a 1 to 1 basis.

Federation ships in battle line.

A close-up of the D7 squadron.

The first turn begins with a coordinated volley of Federation Plasma Torpedoes ripping through the lead D7. Phaser fire finishes the vessel off (red die = destroyed ship). Klingon fire is less effective but deals a good amount of damage to one of the Constitutions.

The positioning for a good volley comes at a price, though. The maneuverable Klingon ships are way better at “knife-fighting” ranges and dish out enough firepower to avenge their fallen brethren and deal several critical hits.

A dogfighting bee-line ensues with the Federation balancing between repairing their damage and reloading their powerful torpedo tubes. The Klingons shift their energy to shields (1) and weapons (3).

After several turns of tight circling the Klingons manage to blast another Constitution to bits with their disruptors. Both Klingon ships are in a bit of a rough shape but they are superior to the one damaged remaining Federation vessel. Shortly after this image the Klingons deliver the final blow and the battle is over with 3 Constitutions and one D7 lost, 1 D7 severely damaged and one D7 moderately damaged.

The battle was interesting as it showcased the different approaches the Federation and Klingons have to a space battle. The Federation ships are difficult to play as they are hard to maneuver and they have to weigh their priorities carefully. Can I reload my powerful torpedoes or do I have to spend my orders to repair damage or boost shields. They want cycles of engaging and regenerating. The Klingons on the other hand are much easier to play. They turn on the dime and do not need reload orders for their weapons. They want to be up close and personal all the time unloading their weapons.

That said, the intricacies of the system come at a price. ACTA Starfleet is a bit slow going for me. Sure, it was my first game and I needed some time referencing the rules but the battle was pretty small on the other hand.

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