Hundred-Years War Campaign – Battle at Roussom

After playing quite a bit of Age of Empires IV (PC game) I got hooked on the medieval period but I want to keep it simple. Every campaign turn a scenario from One-Hour Wargames is selected and played with a rule set of my choice. The winner of the last scenario will be the attacker during the next scenario and gets to chose the next one from a selection of three randomly determined.

In addition to that the type of victory determines the future army percentage (rounded down to army points):

  • Decisive win/loss: +3%/-3% army points shift
  • Win/loss: +2%/-2% army points shift
  • Minor win/loss: +1%/-1% army points shift

Whoever has the better army percentage after 7 games wins. During the 7 scenarios the armies will progress through the army lists of the war.

Attacker: English
Scenario: 16 – Advance Guard
Rules: Triumph

English Forces

Army list: Early Hundred-Years War English
Points: 100% – 48

2 Men-at-arms (Knights, General)
1 Hobilars (Bad Horse)
1 Welsh Infantry (Light Spears)
7 Longbowmen (Archers, Battle Line)
1 Bretons (Light Foot)
1 Levy (Heavy Foot, Battle Line)

French Forces

Army list: Feudal French
Points: 100% – 48

3 Feudal chevaliers and Sergeants (Knights, General)
1 Skirmishing crossbowmen (Skirmishers, battle Line)
6 Communal militia (Heavy Foot, Battle Line)
3 Bowmen (Bow Levy, Battle Line)
1 Bidets (Light Foot)

Battle of Roussom

After their landing in Normandy the English established a foothold and sent a small force forward to secure the roads inland. At the village of Roussom this force meets with a hastily assembled French army. Both generals try to get hold of Roussom first.

The English enter from the north with good order rolls.

As the English capture Roussom forces are now free to move off the road.

The French have major problems to get their troops in order and up to the village but their right flank has the advantage in knights.

And about halfway through the turn limit the chevaliers charge in before the English can bring up their dangerous longbows. Meanwhile the French skirmishers were driven back from the left flank and fled the field.

English knights suffer casualties in the first real clash of this conflict but longbows are ready to threaten the French flanking maneuver.

After a drought of command points the English get enough orders again to order the battle line around Roussom and push the French east of the village back. The counter attack costs the French general many knights. Meanwhile French heavy foot slowly gets into position to push on Roussom from the left flank.

But after a lull in the battle the English bring their longbows to bear beating the last French knights and general. From now on the French will have severe command problems.

While the French right flank is slowly pushed back the center and left are engaging to capture the village. The day is about to end soon.

In the last turns the French repeatedly throw their heavy foot against the village but English light troops are apt at fighting in the build up area and hold.


The English lost 7 points of troops and are in control of the village at the end of the game while the French lost 15 points. Looks like a decisive victory for the English.

This gives the English another foothold to push further inland.

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