Unterphalen Campaign – Part 1

Welcome to a new Napoleonic campaign. After many campaign attempts to try and test rules or just to have fun I decided to go with a relatively small affair (for me). I’m using the Solo Wargaming Guide by William Silvester (Precis Intermedia). I have had the book for quite some time and used just a couple of mechanics from it. This time I’m using more of the book’s framework (it is not a set of rules mind you) to embark upon a narrative solo campaign with many randomized factors. The battle rules are Black Powder 2nd Edition with several rule modifications (some outlined in my Allure of Simple Wargaming post). The units are regiments, stats are further below.

Lay Of The Land

The year is 1813 in our fictional part of the world. The large Prussian province Unterphalen is in a state of peace and prosperity when the French decide to annex it by force. Here is the campaign map of the quite independent province. The red square marks the capital Stammberg, The two blue arrows in the bottom show the two randomly determined adjacent invasion routes. The right route uses a good road while the dotted line on the left path indicates a mere dirt road. The depicted terrain and cities are at a high level of abstraction. The many little villages along the roads and minor terrain features are not depicted.

French Situation

With wars to fight on other fronts the able Marshal Essault of the Grande Armée receives only a small invasion force. Surprise, better command and troops are deemed more than enough to even out the 3:4 disadvantage in men.

To successfully capture Unterphalen Marshal Essault has to gain possession of the capital Stammberg and defeat the Prussian army in the timeframe of several month. Otherwise Prussian reinforcements will necessitate a retreat. I’m deliberately vague here.

Army of Invasion

Essault arranged the available regiments into three small Corps and a Cavalry Reserve

HQ Marshal Essault (Command Rating 8)

IX CORPS Marshal Lumiere (Command Rating 8, Decisive)

45th Light
46th Grenadiers
66th Line
47th Line
52th Line
53th Line
Foot Battery #63

X CORPS Marshal Bessard (Command Rating 8, Timid)

40th Light
96th Grenadiers
22nd Line
23rd Line
54th Line
55th Line
34th Hussars
Foot Battery #64

XI CORPS Marshal Le Contre (Command Rating 8, Headstrong)

57th Light
58th Grenadiers
59th Line
71st Line
73rd Line
12th Line
39th Hussars
Foot Battery #65

Cavalry Reserve General Sivet (Command Rating 8)

8th Cuirassiers
9th Cuirassiers
10th Cuirassiers

Light Infantry5434+3Form Square, Skirmish
Superbly Drilled in Attack Column
Line Infantry6424+4Form Square,
Superbly Drilled in Attack Column
Grenadiers7424+4Form Square, Elite
Superbly Drilled in Attack Column
Cuirassiers93+3Heavy Cavalry, Reliable
Foot Battery12-1-14+2

Prussian Situation

The Prussians are surprised by the invasion and need to mobilize first. Although the army core is capable, its numbers have to be bolstered by Landwehr, which are motivated but difficult to coordinate. There is also the issue of command. The strategically able Commander-in-Chief Von Arenfeld is already 71 years of age and hardly a battle commander. His subordinates mostly lack the experience of their French counterparts.

Army of Unterphalen

The following list shows the location of units and leaders at the time of mustering:

1st Wennefeld Landwehr
2nd Wennefeld Landwehr
3rd Wennefeld Fusiliers
Dornfelde Line
1st Mühlenach Landwehr
2nd Mühlenach Landwehr
General-Oberst Gifferd (Command Rating 7, Diffident)
1st Regensbach Line
2nd Regensbach Line
Irl Grenadiers
Irl Hussars
1st Ergenloh Grenadiers
2nd Ergenloh Landwehr
Foot Battery No 1
General-Oberst Scharenau (Command Rating 7, Hesitant)
1st Musketeers of Laichs (Line)
2nd Musketeers of Laichs (Line)
Foot Battery No 2
Scharenau Cuirassiers
General-Feldmarshall Von Ahrenfeld (Command Rating 6)
1st Stammburg Line
2nd Stammburg Line
Prinzregenten Cuirassiers
General-Oberst Naurenburg (Command Rating 7, Diffident)
1st Sternental Line
2nd Sternental Line
Foot Battery No 3
Sternental Hussars
1st Goppau Fusiliers
Ahrenfeld Grenadiers
3rd Goppau Landwehr
Stammburg-Goppau Hussars
General-Oberst Lanzerat (Command Rating 8, Aggressive)
1st Esslach Line
2nd Esslach Line
1st Prünthal Line
2nd Prünthal Line
Hussars of the Watch
Horse Battery No 1

Fusilier Infantry5434+3Form Square, Skirmish
Line Infantry6424+4Form Square
Landwehr Infantry6414+4Form Square, Unreliable
Grenadier Infantry6424+4Form Square, Elite
Cuirassiers93+3Heavy Cavalry, Reliable
Foot Battery12-1-14+2
Horse Battery12-1-14+1Marauder

Closing Remarks

The above situation has been generated by some basic assumptions and ad-hoc random roll tables. With the situation at hand we will see which plan Essault is implementing and how the Prussians react to the sudden news of invading troops in the next post.

Part 2

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