Unterphalen Campaign – Part 3

Eleven days after the French crossed the border into Unterphalen, battle commences. The first battle happens near the city of Laichs where Prussian General Scharenau moves out to attack the French. The forces clash at the village of Benningen in a meeting engagement.

Fair warning: No miniatures in this report. I’m experimenting with colored blocks and small scale right now. Why? see this post.
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Battle of Benningen

An adjusted random terrain table amounted to this field of battle.

The battle commenced at noon in fair weather.

Bessard’s French are still marching on the road to Laichs…

As Prussian Hussars and infantry columns appear near the village of Essrath. Due to frequent rain there are no revealing dust clouds on the approach.

General Scharenau shakes out his line troops to the right of Essrath to prepare for a frontal attack…

…and sends a force of two Grenadier regiments to his left on a wide flanking attack. Far from their commander they are difficult to command. French massed skirmishers are pour withering fire into the Grenadiers for hours.

The main attack on the French position at Benningen takes hours to materialize but finally the 2nd Musketeers of Laich get stuck in, supported by Landwehr.

Irl Grenadiers successfully moving against the flank late in the day.

After the Musketeers have to fall back the 2nd Ergenloh Landwehr picks up the attack. The enemy line regiment is swept away. French Marshal Bessard is wounded in the attack and has to quit the field.

The French fall back in ordered fashion. Only the stuttering nature of the Prussian attack keeps the French from falling apart.


Losses are counted as follows. Lost stamina points (including excess losses beyond stamina are divided by two. Half of these are counted as wounded the other half as killed. Coinflips to solve all ties. For the losing side another coinflip decides if wounded escaped the field or are captured. 1 Stamina is then counted as about 250 men. wounded take 2 weeks to return, captured and killed take a month to replace. Units dispersed entirely take 6 weeks to be reformed.

French: 250 wounded, 500 captured, 750 killed
Bessard WIA
40th Light 1 C 2 K
54th Line 1 C 1 K
23rd Line 1 W

Prussians: 1250 wounded, 1000 killed
1st Musketeers of Laich 1 W
2nd Musketeers of Laich 1 W 2 K
2nd Ergenloh Landwehr 1 W
Irl Grenadiers 1 W 1 K
1st Ergenloh Grenadiers 1 W 1 K


Although the French quit the field, losses speak another language. Mostly due to skirmishers of the 40th Light Regiment inflicting heavy losses on Prussian Grenadiers.

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6 thoughts on “Unterphalen Campaign – Part 3”

  1. What a marvellous campaign. I really like your use of blocks. They look great and demonstrate formation , depth and scale better than miniatures. You can’t beat miniatures for aesthetics, but you are really on to something in terms of showing the detail, exploring, edifying and trying to gain a better understanding of what it may have been like. Brilliant.
    Regards, James


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