Tamamés 1809 Scenario for Shako II

Somehow I ended up reading several battle reports of this peninsular battle in the opening months of 2022. Maybe these bloggers influenced each other so why not jump onto the bandwagon. My sources for this battle rests in parts on the excellent battle report by John Bleasdale.

Although lesser known this battle in the aftermath of Talavera is quite interesting. The French attack a strong position with a 1:2 disadvantage in troops. Though the quality of the Spanish army and their disadvantage in maneuvering reserves evens the odds.

Units Needed


Spanish OOB

Del Parque + 1 ADC
Army Breakpoint: 22

Vanguard Division – La Carrera

Morale Check: 5/7/11B (-1 modifier)
1 Skirmisher Stand
14 Second Rate Infantry Battalions (3/0)
1 Foot Battery (2/0)

1st Division – Losada

Morale Check: 4/6/9B (-1 modifier)
2 Skirmisher Stands
12 Second Rate Infantry Battalions (3/0)
2 Foot Battery (2/0)

2nd Division – Belvedere

Morale Check: 5/7/10B (-1 modifier)
1 Skirmisher Stand
13 Second Rate Infantry Battalions (3/0)
1 Foot Battery (2/0)

1st Cavalry Division – Prince of Anglona

Morale Check: 2/3/4B (-1 modifier)
5 Second Rate Cavalry Regiments (3/0)
1 Horse Battery (2/0)

French OOB

Instead of giving the French one large division I decided to form their units into brigades which will work like divisions in Shako II. Also I increased the Morale classification of all light units.

Marchand + 1 ADC
1 Foot Battery (Army gun) (3/0)
Army Breakpoint: 13

1st Brigade – Maucune

Morale Check: 2/3/5B
1 Skirmisher Stands
3 Light Infantry Battalions (5/2)
3 Regular Infantry Battalions (4/1)

2nd Brigade – Marcognet

Morale Check: 2/3/5B
2 Skirmisher Stands
6 Regular Infantry Battalions (4/1)

3rd Brigade – LaBasse

Morale Check: 3/5/7B
2 Skirmisher Stands
3 Light Infantry Battalions (5/2)
6 Regular Infantry Battalions (4/1)

Cavalry – Lorcet

Morale Check: -/2/3B
2 Light Cavalry Regiments (4/1)
2 Dragoon Regiments (5/2)
1 Horse Battery (3/0)

Battlefield and Deployment

The battlefield is a 6’x4′ roughly split in half. Light green ground is open. Darker green ground is level 1/2 elevated rough ground. Hill slopes grant melee advantage but counts as plowed field in terms of movement. Use the same restrictions for the wooded area as well (instead of adding movement effects) but it additionally blocks line of sight. Cavalry automatically becomes staggered after their movement touched any part of the hill.

Shown here is the deployment along historical lines. For free deployment use the following rules: Spanish set up first anywhere on the hill and up to two infantry battalions in Tamames. French set up second anywhere 1 foot from the north (upper) table edge.

Victory Conditions

The French are the attacker in this scenario. The side which gets the other army to break first, scores a decisive victory. If no side broke at the end of turn 12 whoever occupies Tamamés wins a minor victory. Otherwise the battle is considered a draw.

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