Mikatagahara 1573 (2) – Basic Impetus

After our recent remote game, Jon and I scheduled a rematch for this battle. You can read my first account here, where I lead the numerical superior Takeda army to victory. In this refight I impersonated Tokugawa Ieyasu to teach the trespassing Takeda a lesson or be swept away by the numerical superior enemy.

The Battle

The historical situation has been explained in my last post but just as a short refresher, the Tokugawa army ambushes the Takeda army during the first two turns.

For the two turns where the Takeda army is inactive (unless attacked), I devised a strategy which worked quite well. I used the first turn to tighten and reorganize my line (red troops in the above image). The enemy Takeda have a strong left flank, a strong but initially underdeveloped center and an about average right flank. Therefore I planned to keep a steady defensive line on my right to negate their left. The area where I wanted to make my move was the center, until the enemy elite troops arrived, then I planned to concentrate my aggression to my left.

The key was to be quick and aggressive. Therefore I opted to provoke the sleeping giant during my second ambush turn, before he could retire with his forward units. The two blue Ashigaru bow units in the center of the image where my target for the attack.

My Samurai smashed into the enemy missile troops with impressive vigor. Due to maneuvers in the first turn, this was not an isolated attack.

Tokugawa Ieyasu himself (central unit with green dice behind it) charged across the field into the chaotic mess of retreating bowmen. They quickly fell and the charge was carried forward with much zeal.

After the enemy cavalry reserve was seen off, Tokugawa Ieyasu hooked to his left and began to flank the main Takeda line. Here the warlord and his bodyguard collected a considerable amount of grisly trophies. Although the head of my army was entirely on its own in a perilous position the enemy had been bloodied considerably.

As the Takeda scrambled to react to the disastrous attacks, Tokugawa Ieyasu’s unit was finally caught. While his bodyguard made a heroic last stand Tokugawa Ieyasu tried to ride back to his line but to no avail. His bodyguard was quickly surrounded and the general killed while retreating. An unsightly blemish to end the long list of spoils for Tokugawa Ieyasu during this battle. The situation above depicts the situation after this event. Takeda’s right flank and center are in shambles and disconnected.

While the once mighty army tried to come back with an attack on my right flank, the line there was well kept as planned. I lost some units but Takeda morale was already so low that I just had to hold firm and pick off weakened units were the opportunity arose. A major victory for the Tokugawa warriors but a deep loss at the same time, as their leader spent his life to make it all possible. Glory and death are, as ever, close brothers.

All figures and close up shots by Jon. You can read his account here.

One thought on “Mikatagahara 1573 (2) – Basic Impetus”

  1. Well played, Sir! This was an exciting game with a dramatic start that punched a gaping hole into the Takeda battle line. Great fun regardless of result. Enjoyable Battle Report too!


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